Our hottest desire

Samuel Nkailu

Following the ceremony as we celebrate the birth of Christ and the new year 2012 we wish from the Christian aid group, abbreviated GCSL, chairman Julienne Matila and myself to the Management Committee and to all members and sympathizers in Matadi Support Group, abbreviated MSG, best wishes of happiness, success, health and success in all the projects you will tackle in the year 2012, looming on the horizon.

We remain all speechless with gratitude for all the good deeds that GCSL is subject to on your part. We continue to praise the Lord God that he bless you abundantly also the coming year for you to achieve the goals he inspires you to.

Your participation in the realization of the Youth House in Matadi “Carrefour socioculturell”, where the power remains progressive is a source of blessing for the people of Matadi and the youth, who are the recipients of this facility, will remain engraved in our hearts.

For GCSL, this house and work to educate the entrepreneurs who start businesses do together not only GCSL active, but also and especially MSG. It has become an entirely new field of missionary among the Congolese youth. This youth growing up and living in diverse and indescribable socio economic deprivation require this kind of mission that contributes to the development of themselves and thus our country.

Our hottest desire is to see us go side by side and hand in hand until we reach the objectives of people and especially young people who believe in the future, creating new businesses and changes the lives of both our country and globally.

May God bless you all.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012

For GCSL «Groupe Chrétien de soutien Libre»

General Coordinator
Samuel Nkailu-wa-Basilwa