Plan of action

Today there were 32 participants. Yesterday we had a record with 38. The lessons of today treated the subjects of action plans and risk business. A lot of time was dedicated to group work and the topics to discuss were: the right self-image, the right attitude, the right habits and time management. When we were about to start with group assignments, the power went off and the room got a little dark. No problem, we moved outside to get better lighting.

After a while the participants reported about their discussions. It was done with great committment and some pretty strong opinions. Sometimes there are controversies and disagreements, but at the same time, there is a lot of humour. They do not take themselves too seriously, but there is an obvious sharpness to what they say. The contributions received applauses and laughter. The whole thing was both learning and entertaining. The Congolese debate climate is refreshing.

We sincerely hope, and emphasize with clarity that the course should result in actions that get them started with activities that can improve their living conditions. Theoretical knowledge that don’t result in practical application is pretty useless. Those taking this course are expected to start courses in their respective churches. This week’s round of the course covers only the first half of the FBS material. We will see to that the next part gets here as soon as we have resolved how to get it printed. We hope to do it here in Congo if we can get a reasonable tender.

1 thought on “Plan of action

  1. När vi läser om ledorden i ert material, FBS, skulle man önska att de stora ”jättarna” här i Europa också borde gå en sådan kurs! Om de nu inte redan är så förhärdade av korruption och maktmissbruk…så det redan är kört? Vad vi får höra i media dessa dagar är inget uppmuntrande vad gäller att förvalta allmänhetens pengar på rätt sätt…därför hoppas vi att ni är lite försiktiga att ta oss i Europa/Sverige! som ett gott exempel på affärsetik.
    Men vi troR på er våra kära bröder och önskar er fortfarande allt gott, d.v.s. god hälsa och, inte minst, att ert goda humör samt humor (!) får dominera över allt det andra som kan irritera Ta vara på dagarna tillsammans med våra vänner i Kongo!
    Allt gott från Sibbarp!

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