Ploughing going on in Nsanda

On Monday Tuto and Clement went from Kinshasa to Nsanda, son and father. On Tuesday, the water pump was mounted on the tractor. The assembly went well of the new pump that we got from Ljung’s Tractor Service was just fine, no more water leakage of cooling water. The ploughing started on Wednesday and they use a three disc plough. A tractor driver from Nsanda helps with plowing. Elephant grass is about two meters high bolted to the ground and was ploughed down. I’ve talked to Tuto almost every day since they came to Nsanda. He says that everything is working well. This Saturday evening, he was very tired. They have worked day and night. They will stay forward to Wednesday, he believed. Until tonight, they had ploughed three hectare and expect to ploughing and prepare the ground for sowing the same amount to. Now it’s a month to sowing.