Preparations are underway for Nsanda

In July Tutondele worked with repairing the Toyota jeep and the tractor. An new-old diesel engine was mounted in the jeep, tires and a number other parts had to be replaced. Later it will be repainted and become navy blue. When most of it was done Tuto took the jeep for a test drive and drove more than 200 km to Luozi. It worked well the whole way. The Jeep is necessary for passenger and goods transports. There is also a trailer for the jeep. The tractor, BM Volvo 350, has got a new start engine, new battery and new tires plus a general review of the filter and oil changes. They were out to the fields and test drove with a disc harrow. Everything seemed to work. The water pump on the engine also needs to be replaced, it leaks. The pump is now heading to Brazzaville where Tuto will get it at the end of the week. When Tuto gets the pump, he will be travelling to Nsanda and mount it. Then the preparations with the plowing and harrowing will begin.