Progress Report

The youth in Congo believes in the future

Thanks for the message, which really makes me see the appreciation and hope, of something that is moving forward and the greatness of my responsibility. Thank you!

We are now waiting for the proclamation of our President. Then we can go and deposit the money at the bank.

Here with us it is very nice weather with a temperature of approximately 29 degrees. It is really nice. My greetings to Jenny and Aron. If all goes well, we can meet in April 2012.

As for the elections, it’s working well here in Matadi with some small problems in two or three polling stations, but overall it looks to be fine. In Kinshasa, as we follow the news on the radio, there has been small outbreaks of unrest and cheating, but in Katanga has burned two Jeeps carrying ballot papers and some ballot boxes and there have been some who have been killed but the number has not been announced, and several have been injured. Tonight at 11pm, if no change occurs in the last minute, the head of the CENI proclaims the result. Then we will find out who will be our president in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We are waiting for you to land here. The entrepreneurs in group 2 ask me in a choir when our payout will take place.

I am confident that you will not miss to bring some dollars for our hotel. Thank you.

May the Almighty bless us abundantly. My dear greetings to all members of the MSG

Thank you! Your Ambassador