Report From Baobab church

Pastor Matteiu Diangitukulu is teaching by the support of Focus Business School

Our Church in DR Congo, CEC, have decided that in all parishes would the month of May 2014 devoted to tithing. For our part, we chose to teach according to FBS, based on two chapters in the textbook:
1. God’s will when it comes to your finances
2. God’s will for your finances and tithing

It went really well, yes fantastically well. On Sunday the FBS replaced the sermon. Pastor Matthieu Diangitukulu accounted for introduction from the pulpit, then he went down and I started with Power Point on the back wall of the Baobab church and it went very well. It went on for two hours, but the people was not tired. It came more than four questions and we tried to answer with the help of the Holy Spirit, according to what is in our books.

On May 18 joined, 84 men, 102 women and 22 children, and the following Sunday there were 120 men, 180 women and 39 children. At that time, we talked mainly about tithing; how to give their tithes to God. Even then, it lasted longer than two hours and replaced the preachng. It was the second time we used a projector in the church. We received many questions and it was great to be able to see the pictures in the preaching.

In the end, we invited those who had brought their tithes to the Lord. There were many who came forward to give their tithes to God.

Pastor Matthieu praid for them and we all got an opportunity to pray and ask God to forgive us because we had stolen his money, when we have many times had not given our tithes; we had not thought of his barn, which is the Church.

This was a brief report of the sermon by using the projector when it is related to the FBS program, as you have taught us and which we have implemented in Baobab Assembly.

Many regards from
Pastes Matthieu Diangitukulu and Yapeco Bakala Massengo