Report from Nsanda

Preparing the sowing by ploughing

Nsanda Group has cultivated 8 hectares of land, divided into 5 hectares peanuts, 3 hectares soy beans and entire land by cassava. So we have mixed cassava with peanuts and soy beans.

We have sown from November 4 to 30, all eight have cassava. The work is done by 18 temporary workers among them was a 14 years old girl who had no financial support for the school. The work has cost us the 26/11 $ 820 but it will cost more from 29-30/11, when we were in Luozi while it was the presidential election.

From 7-19/11, we have sown 5 hectares peanuts by 9 women.They received $ 480 as wages.

Finally, we planted soy beans in two days  16 – 30 / 11 by using 10 women. That cost us $ 100.

In all this, the work plan was going on well and just hope that it will rain enough so that we get a good harvest.

Some difficulties:

It was not so easy to manage, everything was done by hand. We are now considering how we can equip ourselves with farm implements and machinery in order to cultivate more land.

During the election campaign the dollar dropped against the franc so that all was not ready to accept dollars as payment.We paid our workers $ 550 but they do not want it in dollars, although we have made up the wage in dollar.We wait a while until after the elections.

Since Nsanda groups members live so far apart, we can not give a financial report from the beginning until now, but we must do it as soon as possible. But one thing is sure that the members’ financial contribution we are waiting for to cover all costs (especially to those who have not paid the agreed stake or work physically on the ground)

There are positive things with Nsanda groups activity:

37 families received financial help through the wages they received from us with school fees, healthcare and household, a woman bought a plate for her housetop.

God bless all our readers and friends


Julienne Kukangisa