Report Nsanda Group activities


Nsanda group is an organization, a collective, with nine members. From the beginning the group consisted of 13 members, but 4 is not active any more. Those who are left in the organization are supporting by their stakes and contributions, or come and work in the field. As I write this report, was a member here for two days but have to go back because of work.

The cultures
2011 we ploughed up eight hectares for cassava. In addition, we planted the peanuts in the cassava on 5 hectares and soy beans on 3 hectares.

Unfortunately, we were hit by severe drought and many provinces of the Congo and destroyed much of our culture. As the harvest was not what was expected. Of the peanuts we got 900 kg instead of 10 tons which was expected, soy dried up completely and did nothing. Manioc will be harvested at the end of this year. It has done well and hopefully will give a good harvest.

We have taken up new ground, about 2 hectares, and planted one hectare of beans and one hectare pili-pili. The beans we harvest now, the result was not as expected, because the rain that came in April –  May did not provide enough moisture, but we will reap a little more than seed. Pili-pili bloom well and is already providing fruit, it will begin shipping in late August month. By the pili-pili, and manioc, we will return the loan.

Project effect
Nsanda groups pursuits are too many families here as a gift from God. It helps more than eight families. Nsanda Group have given work almost every day for many of them from September 2011 until now. According to their testimony, they have received compensation for each working day to pay for medical care, food, school fees, buying plate, rent and debts. They want to Nsanda Group’s business is growing into an industry. Nsanda group called now for ”industries”.

We meet a number of difficulties in our work on climate change that reduces all production and affect work planning.
We hope to get a solution to our water pump which is located here.
All in Nsanda group is not active, it’s mostly family Nyambudi who work hard, most people live so far away so that they can not come here to work. We believe in more commitment to the family farm than to have this organization.
Soon, we need a warehouse for all harvest, but we lack a local, I´m thinking of manioc.
We have a shortage of agricultural machinery in order to reduce the manual work.

Planning for next season
We will continue to take up 10 hectares of new land before the next rainy season which begins in October. We plan to split it as follows:
2 hectares bananas
3 hectares to lease out to our employees
4 hectares of cassava mixed with pili-pili, beans and sesame.
1 hectares bee cultivation.

We thank Matadi Support Group for supporting us and we promise to pursue their principles.

Julienne Kukangisa
Nsanda group.