Return visit

Secretary Marie Nilsson represent the Embassy. The others are Gösta, Yapeco, Bernt and Yngve

Today we had a booked appointment at the Swedish embassy at 09.30 a.m. We met with Ambassador Annika Ben David and Counsellor Christina Etzel. Yapeco and Gösta had come with us. We informed them about our work and had a fruitful exchange of views on the situation in Congo. We talked about difficulties and opportunities, of which unfortunately the difficulties easily take too much space. The most important thing is to see, seize and make use of the opportunities. The opportunities are the foundation of visions which in turn create commitment. “If we lose the vision we lose the passion.” Therefore, we have to take very good care of possibilities and visions in order to be able to continue working in this environment in a sensible way.

With Gösta, we have discussed the possibilities of developing our ideas of an eco-neutral housing, “the ECO house”. We need a Congolese partner who is enthusiastic about the project, and we will continue to work on this.

Gösta will introduce our new teaching materials “Focus Business School” to his church, which is one of the largest in Kinshasa.

Now, we have a few weeks in Congo ahead of us, and we aim to fully seize the opportunities we can see. The next few days will show us which ones we shall devote ourselves to. More on that will come in future blogs.

2 thoughts on “Return visit

  1. Hej Bernt och Yngve!
    Det är jätteroligt att följa er resa via bloggarna. Jag brukar börja dagen med att läsa dem. Tack för det ni tog med från oss (två brev och ett leksakspaket)! Hoppas att det inte orsakade problem.
    Nu önskar vi er allt gott för den månad ni skall vara i Kongo. Var rädda om er! Hälsn. från Bertil och mig. Ulla

  2. Dina försändelser orsakade inga problem. Vi hade ganska mycke övervikt men Air Bryssel tog allt utan klagan. Vi kommer att få något i retur när vi reser hem enligt Nsimba.

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