Samuel visits us

Happy egg traders

Happy egg traders

Yapeco set off before breakfast. First, he went to the BGFI Bank with some additional information about MSG, and then he went to his office to go through his accounts of sales of second-hand goods from Sweden. He wasn’t home again until seven o’clock. And he hadn’t eaten anything during the whole day. But as soon as he had gotten home, he had a ample-sized meal.

Bernt and I dedicated the morning hours to an evaluation of the various crops on the Nsanda farm, and we worked out an action plan for the next six months.

In the afternoon, Samuel Nkailu came to visit us. Bernt and I got an hour’s conversation in the paillotte with him. Samuel told us that up to 40% of the children in young families don’t go to school. In most cases, the reason is the lack of money for the school fees. But the money issue may in some cases be related to families giving priority to other things than education. A mobile phone, for instance, is an important item for a Congolese. Because of children’s lack of attendance in school, meetings have been arranged for young wives in the Youth Center about the importance of children’s education. The meetings, consisting of lectures and seminars, have received some funds from UNICEF. If the campaign grows, UNICEF have promised more support. At the moment, the activities grow with the help of the mothers. The ones who attend one meeting are encouraged to recruit others to the next.

The sewing machines that were presented to the Youth House at the inauguration in 2010 are used extensively. Right now, a group of young girls are being taught to sew. After the training, they are allowed to continue to use these sewing machines on their own.
Samuel also told us that there are several organizations, both religious and non-religious who rent the premises of the Youth House.

After Samuel left, two women came to and buy eggs. They bought 150 eggs, they were probably in the egg trading business. Then it was high time for a cup of evening tea. The electric kettle and the Bodum teapot from Sweden came in handy.

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  1. Fint att se Nkailu! Och höra vad han berättar om Ungdomens hus!

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