When I woke up, I felt that my stomach was not as it should. I had probably swallowed a bacteria that it did not like. Soon enough, it was clean house internally, but it was also a clean sweep of all ability to do anything useful. The only activity I could devote myself to was to go to the toilet on regular intervals, otherwise, I had only to lie still in bed. Adele gave me a tablet that I would take two to three times during the day. I followed her orders. I also drank water in small portions, which were gradually accepted by the stomach. Water is needed. It was 30 degrees in the sick room.

Tutondele came in the morning for a meeting about solar cell sales, and Bernt held the meeting. They talked about sales channels and the necessity of marketing. We also presented a wedding gift to Tutondele. Unfortunately, his wife Aimérance was in the hospital for an investigation, she probably has malaria. Or perhaps it was something else that may occur after a wedding?

Later in the evening, my spirits returned. A lady who visited us in Sweden last year, at a dinner party in Töve, came to visit me and Bernt and she could well remember the Flying Jacob Kerstin had offered as main course. She said it had been very tasty. One of our volunteers, Nina, came to hear how we were doing. We were supposed to have had a meeting with them today, but because of my illness we had postponed it. Now, our plan is that Nina arranges a meeting on April 19, when we are expected to be back in Kinshasa. Emma, ​​daughter of Julienne, also came by with some things that we would bring to her mother. One meeting, with Nestlé, we had to cancel altogether.

The following night we got to experience a real congo rain. During one hour, the windows of heaven were open wide and the thunder shook the houses. The houses have fairly flat roofs and only thin ceilings, which makes the sound of the thunder deafening. There was no possibility of getting any wink of sleep during this hour, but the rest of the night gave much needed recovery.

One thought on “Sickday

  1. Äntligen får vi läsa bloggen…men, vad TRÅKIGT att du börjar Kongovistelsen med magsjuka!
    Var noga med handhygien!! ät inget okokt och
    drick framförallt plomberat flaskvatten! Då skall det nog gå bra i fortsättningen. Mycket positivt att läsa om Turkish airline och den goda kund-servicen ni fick i Istanbul. Ni ger god PR för det bolaget – bra med konkurrens för de andra stora!
    Nu ber vi er hälsa Yapeco och de andra vännerna ni kommer träffa på er resa ner till Matadi! från I-M o B!

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