Sowing and harvesting in Nsanda

Julienne and her workers at Nsanda

First of all, I wish you a Happy Easter and may this weekend be a great celebration both to your respective families and to all MSG’s friends here and around the world.

It goes well with us here in Nsanda and the agriculture. Mrs. Masuku Melanie was traveling back to Kinshasa unexpected because her husband has fallen ill. He has trouble with high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels. Now he is in hospital in Kinshasa, we hope he will be fine again but right now he is unconscious.

The plants are growing very well and we have got back heavy rain now, it’s just a shame I can not send pictures because my camera is broken. Today we finished the replanting of 2.5 hectares cassava that were most affected by drought. Peanuts look good and healthy, we’ll see what we will get in crop. We wait a bit with the beans until the rain has fallen. They can not tolerate lots of rain. PiriPiri we will sow in two weeks.

We begin to prepare new ground next week if I get money from the members in our group, since the workforce wants money once they have finished working. I called Joyce yesterday but I got no answers about who has paid their debt to the Nsanda projects.

Nsanda fund has only $ 450 today. It will not cover all costs now because we need money for labour forces to sow beans and piri piri, harvest the peanuts at the end of April or early May, and buy storage bags.

Greetings Julienne