Report from Matadi

Report from Yapeco Bakala Massengo

Yapeco is teaching entrepreneurship

Yapeco is teaching entrepreneurship

I am very happy, for with the help of God all things are possible. I have completed a course with a group from my own congregation; entrepreneurial training with the FBS method, taught to me by Matadi Support Group.

For the first time I taught without electricity. Without electricity or a computer, I could not use the important educational tools, that is, the computer and the projector. The first day, we talked about the story behind FBS. We had two gatherings without electricity. On the final day, we had both electricity and a computer, but no projector. But everybody could see the pictures and the power points on the little screen, and the questions were well understood. In the beginning we were 22 persons, and at the end we were 28.

Today, I had the possibility to send some photos. Please, kindly receive my report of December 2017!