Report from Yapeco in Matadi

The coming trainers in Matadi

The coming trainers in Matadi

We are doing just fine and we hope that you all are doing well!

We have rented a place in Matadi in order to train teachers for Focus Business School. Some members have been selected to join the teacher training, including Mr. Rholly.

We started yesterday, on Wednesday November 16, and we expect to finish on Saturday. So the teaching  takes place in town, arranged by me and Rholly. We have also seen to that there is coffee and biscuits for the participants. Most of the participants have different positions of responsibility in the city. The teaching is conducted from 15:30 to 19:00 every day from Wednesday, 16/11 to Saturday, 19/11. I enclose a few photos from the first gathering. The political developments in our beautiful country worries us, as well as the economic development. Pray for us!