Two tracks at once

BIKONS styrelse

BIKONS styrelse

Last night I attended a board meeting of the organization BIKON. Bikon stands for Aid to Congo (BIstånd KONgo). We began the meeting with a meal, provided by BIKON’s treasurer Anders Nyström. Joseph Nsumbu gave us an update on the political development in Congo Kinshasa. There is a strong opposition to the government and in the middle of September, there was a big demonstration in Kinshasa. The purpose of the protests were to bring about a presidential election. There is great political turmoil in Congo at the moment. No one knows what will happen in the future.

BIKON supports orphanages and schools in vulnerable areas in Kinshasa and a street children operation in Kimpese. They also help poor families with school fees. BIKON has a big heart for children without support. BIKON is doing a good job and they give hope and optimism to many Congolese children and adults.

At the same time that we provide aid in the form of economical contributions, we must also consider how to stimulate contributions from within Congo. How do we go about to strengthen initiatives within the country that generates the foundation for the development of health care, educational opportunities and social care.

Entrepreneurship is a way out of poverty. The purpose of our entrepreneurial courses is to support the ability to generate the resources that are needed for the various needs of society. Becoming an entrepreneur means that one starts a business which gives the owner an income, and perhaps even make it possible for a number of employees to earn their livelihood.

Presently, MSG has planned activities through our associates in Matadi, Kimpese and Brazzaville, but the political turmoil has put a stop to the implementation of the courses in entrepreneurship at the moment.

In our relations with the Congo countries, I think it is important that we have two tracks running simultaneously. The aid track are for those who have an urgent need of help and the education in entrepreneurship is the track that develops resources from within the countries.

A long-term and sustainable development must stimulate and support the inherent resources of every Congolese citizen.

The objective of all aid must be to develop and create belief in the future.