The day before the day

Tomorrow Friday we’re off to Congo Kinshasa. Preparations have more or less been going on for a few months, the last few weeks have been more intense and now, our bags are packed. Baggage allowance is two bags, max 23 kg each plus hand luggage. We are five people travelling. Bengt & Ing-Marie Bygård Håkanson are coming along, mostly as tourists. They are with us for two weeks and then they will continue to Brazzaville and some other places in the country. Christopher Jacobsson will meet with young people and teach them judo in Luozi. There is already a group in the Mawanda church practicing this sport. Christoffer will probably stay all of the four weeks in Luozi. We have carefully checked the with the top management of the CEC Church about this specific activitiy. Bernt Sköld and I will be engaged in the activities of the entrepreneurs and some related work. See our itinerary under ”About Us”. Lennart Friden and Lars-Ola Rydberg will join us in two weeks from now, and will stay in Matadi. They will mainly do follow-up work with the entrepreneurs. Everything seems to have fallen into place and we are well prepared for the trip. This morning I talked with Yapeco Bakala and chatted with Nsimba Andersson. The situation seemed to be under control. I hope to return daily with fresh reports from Congo so that you who read our blog can follow our doings in Congo. The translations into English and French can take some time, but be patient, they will come. See you soon again.