The end is closing in

It takes a long time to prepare the dinner.

Me and my Congolese sibbling

Yapeco admiring the view

Today it´s only two weeks left of my adventure. And only four lessons for each class. The time have gone fast but now I’m looking forward to come home. All the attention that I as a moundele get here is something I’m not used to and not completely comfortable with and I long for to come home to the anonymity and freedom in Sweden.

After the test I have been teaching words and phrases that can be useful at the hotel and in social situation and also more adjectives and professions. For the classes with inly adult pupils that know some English already I have even given them an text in English that they should translate and answer some questions to. Now I have divided the pupils into new classes that the coming (as it hopefully will be) can use. Maybe they haven´t learned anything under my period as an Englishteacher, maybe I´ve made everything messy and done more wrong then right but at least I have started the project and hopefully laid a small ground to continue on in the future.

The remaining lessons I will teach words and phrases in help and need and the nature and after that it will be repetition and closure the last two lessons.

If I shall tell something else besides the teaching I were in the church six hours yesterday. The sure know how to drag out the time here. And I that think that an one-and-a-half-hour long service in Sweden is long! I had a little performance where I together with a couple of men sang a song in kikongo. Unfortunally the sound technic isn´t so good here so I could barely be heard because if the electric guitars but just my presence on stage is actually enough to make the community happy. And I ofcourse is more then thrilled every time I get an opportunity to sing so it wasn´t all pointless. Next Sunday will be my last here in Matadi and the church. I´m going to miss the fantastic choirs but the six-hours long services, no I think I will be able to live without them.