In the service of enlightenment

Pastor Yavengi Diangitukulu receive the solar lamps from Bernt

In the morning, pastor Yavengi Diangitukulu came over for an meeting with Yapeco. We agreed that Yavengi, Yapeco and Julienne will take responsability for the entrepreneurship education and FBS in Matadi. They will now ensure that the second part of the course will be conducted during the month of May. We haven’t worked out the printing issue yet, but we think there will be a solution. Together, we drafted a certificate that the participants will receive tomorrow at the last lesson. It is customary here to get a certificate when one has participated in a course of any kind. We noted that at least seven different protestant churches have been represented among our participants as well as the Catholic Church.

We gave a set of solar lights to Yavengi, as promised yesterday. The package contains four lamps. Now, he won’t have to be in the dark when the power goes out, which it does all the time. Instead he can use solar energy – which is free – to charge the lamps during the day, and then he can use the lights – without any interruption – when it is dark outside. It can hardly get any better.

In class today, we treated the importance of having contacts and a business network in the business world. The second topic was marketing, which stands for a large part of the sales process and is essential whatever you sell. Unfortunately, the heat was oppressive today, and some of us had troubles staying awake. One of the participants that fell asleep dropped everything in his hands to the floor with a loud thud, and both he and the rest of us woke up with a start. Because of the heat, we let the class finish half an hour early today.

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  1. Det gläder mig att er verksamhet välsignar alla troendes sammanhang! Vi har ju haft en omskakande debatt där (några) olika samfundsriktningar grävt ner sig i ”skyttegravar” mellan protestantism och katolicism efter Ekmans konvertering till katolicism! Herren vill att vi ska välsigna varandra och se till Andens enhet i stället för samfund och kyrkor.

    Så fortsätt att välsigna alla som kommer, så kommer Gud leda var och en personligen!


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