The first container is packed

Packing the container

Since May, Bernt worked hard with the collection of used items to the Congo. Most work Bernt has had to sort out and collect the tires. Over 350 Used but approved for use in Sweden was now in stock at Olsfors. Not approved can not be exported.

We use the Mission Covenant Church depot in Olsfors to store our collected material, and we packed the container even there, a very good place to store and pack on.

At 8 o’clock on Tuesday July 17, the container came. At 9 o’clock, we started packing. Bernt had learned to braid tires to minimize the export of air. In the spaces we packed clothes but unfortunately we had not enough clothes to fill all the voids. We hope to have more clothes to the next container to use all the spaces. We found out that it is best to pack clothes in the ordinary carrier bags, the pack fits well with the tires, but it is also possible to pack in boxes, they’re better protected that way.

There were over 200 packages of clothing, computers, bikes, television sets, radios,  typewriters, beds, plus various other things and 257 tires could we pack.
Thursday July 19 the container goes to Gothenburg for shipment to Matadi.

Our colleagues in Matadi will sell what we are exporting. The gain of this sales will be split 50/50 between our co-workers and Matadi Support Group. MSG will use its share to cover costs we have in the Congo.

We are now focusing on the next container. Read our list of matching items to the Congo. Go into the “Entrepreneurs” and “New Project” and “Export Congo”


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  1. Malgre vos age ,mais vous vous aie sacrifier de realise quelque chose qui etait comme un reve ,maintenant une realite ,que le bon Dieu vous benisse tous,prier aussi pour moi que le Dieu me donner la sante et le courage de bien gere les effets en questions
    merci et salutations dans vos maisons AMBASSADEUR M.S.G.

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