The lack of running water

Visitors at Yngve´s entrée door

There were no water in the taps this morning, although it seemed promising last night. Instead we used a bucket of water and it works just fine. By now, we have good experience in dealing with buckets in this context. The problem of the water supply system was beyond the plumber’s competence area. This time, the engines had become damaged by the uneven supply of power. Until further notice, we use buckets.

Today’s breakfast menu consistedof baguettes, tomatoes, tuna, avocado, jam and salami sausage from France, juice from South Africa and butter from Russia. Despite the lack of porridge the breakfast was quite acceptable. We ate in silence, letting the food silent the mouth. We have no common language with Annicet except a few words in English, French, Swedish, and Kikongo – one form of extremely simple creole.

The broadband of the hotel is now working on the second floor, even though it is somewhat slow. However, on the first floor, where the course will take place there is not a shred of this great finesse. Our room is on the second floor, therefore all international relations are managed from there.

Myriam came at two o’clock. We ate dinner together and then we took a taxi to the city center and withdrew some money for everyday needs. We took a walk in the center of town and then we went back to the hotel to prepare for tomorrow’s lessons. Primarily, Myriam will do the teaching. It is unnecessary to weary the trainers with a foreign language.

Bernt and I will talk a little bit about our organization. We will stress how much the success of a company depends on the entrepreneur him-/herself. Maybe as much as 90% of the success is directly related to the mindset and the approach of the entrepreneur. Joseph’s reflection the other day reflects one way of thinking, and I will use it here as an example. I talked about the importance of bookkeeping. Then Joseph said, “Accounting is complicated, I trust in God.” Firstly, I tried to explain how easy the book-keeping system we have set up is. Secondly, God is not an accountant and he doesn’t do your bookkeeping.

However, God has equipped us all with a brain that can learn and understand, eyes that see, ears that hear. We also have got hands that can write, feet that can go to the store and buy paper. God has given us every opportunity to take responsibility and also take care of the accounts, if the task has fallen to our lot. God will be disappointed in us if we don’t use the abilities with which he has equipped us. Unfortunately, we have met other Congolese who think the same way. If something is difficult and complicated, you ask God for help. It’s not a good idea. As I’ve already said, I don’t think that God answers this kind of prayer. And the only result is that nothing changes.

“You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.” Quote by Abraham Lincoln.