The last lesson

class 1 graduating

Class 2 graduating

It´s insane that it´s only five days left for me in Congo and three in Matadi. The time have past quickly and now I´m in the state where I keep on thinking “this is the last time I….”. Yesterday I did my last lessons for class one and two. It felt strange to say goodbye and knowing that this was the last time we will se eachother. The last lesson consists of easy repetition and after that speeches, handing out diplomas and taking pictures. The diploma consists of the pupil´s name, participation and grade on their exam. It have been pretty tricky for me to grade them but now it´s done and in some cases I’ve probably been a little bit to kind and seen between my fingers but I rather give the benefit before the doubts.

Today I will have my last lesson for class three and four and then only two days remain in Matadi that will be spent by paying visits to friends and family of Yapeco´s family.

It might be that this is the last time I have access to internet and in that case I say goodbye from Congo for this time. The last and final blog from me will then be sent from Sweden. So long I say thank you for reading my blog and I hope it have been a good reading for you.