The rain is coming

Julienne and her workers at Nsanda

Thanks for the greetings and we thank God that he was with you on the long journey in Congo, may God continue to give you strength and wisdom on the new roads to proclaim his kingdom.

It keeps raining and it’s a big difference on the farms now. The plants have got their life back. It’s enjoyable to go out into the fields now. If all goes well, maybe we will try to finish the whole field, eight hectares, this week.

We cannot find spare parts for our Huskvarna chain saw. We want to fix it as soon as possible, because we need to saw planks for a small house. If we had a house, we could reduce the number of trips and thus save money. It’s expensive to travel by car to the fields every day.

Would it be possible for you to help us get hold of spare parts for the chain saw in Sweden, and then send it to the Nyambudi family who has promised to pay for them. It would be best for us if you can send them with the first possible opportunity. Parts that we lack are the cylinder and the pot and the number of the chain saw is 3120 Huskvarna. Thank you in advance for the help!