The test

This Monday and Tuesday I were having the test for my student because I were in Luozi last week and this was there homework. The test consisted a frontpage and half a backpage of word that they have learnt from lesson one to lesson eight that they would translate from French to English. The other half of the backpage they were supposed to write numbers in English and then translate sentences. If they finished before the lessons end they got the assignment to write a letter to me about themselves. These letter were very touching for me to read, so many beautiful words and sentences to me, with many thank you´s and blessings to both me and my family.

Many pupils have performed very well. Two of them share the first place with the result 249.5 points of 256. I´m very proud of them and the other pupils that have done very good from their one level. But I have some pupils that obviously haven’t been practising and been having vacation when I´ve been away. Even though I´ve really been kind in my correction and tried to pass everyone there are a handful pupils together with the ones that where absent that will do the test again this Saturday. Maybe it´s necessary for me to be a little bit harsh for their one sake so that they really practise and learn the English language. But I´m most disappointed by class 4. Of 18 pupils only 3 where showing up to make the test. I hope many of them will show up on Saturday. Based on their results and their performance in the classroom the last couple of weeks I will then divide the pupils into new classes based on their knowledge. But these classes is for the next teacher that I hope will come because I have now only two weeks left to teach.