The third day

Bernt and Julienne beside the moringa tree

Today, we had moringa tea for breakfast. In the house’s garden, there is a moringa tree. The tea is made either of the leaves or the seeds, our’s was made of chopped leaves. It is argued here that it can cure up to 300 different diseases, even toothache. Currently, we have not had such worries, so we could not verify the claim. It is also said to be good for the eyesight, but so far we see as usual. Furthermore, you will be younger, the more moringa tea you drink. We’ll see if we are recognized when we come home in two weeks.

Today we had 35 participants, and again it took one hour before everybody was in place. We are trying to correct these bad manners. One of the participants who is a pastor of the Alliance Church had brought with him nine of its members. The pastor thinks this course is so important that he persuaded his congregation to raise money for the benefit of those who were able to take the course. This church has its roots in the United States.

We began by repeating the important parts of yesterday’s lesson. It was easy to get the participants to speak about the subject. They were also asked to report their homework and many did ambitious presentations. Today we had four lessons. Saving resources is a recurring theme in the course material, as well as how the saved resources can multiply and grow in various investments. We talked about financial planning and making a budget. We talked about ways of getting a grip on finances. Today, the participants were given a form to write their resume. And we had electrical power, but only for a very short time.