The Youth House

A report from Samuel Nkailu

Samuel Nkailu

Since GCSL including set as a goal to lead and inform young people. The Youth House is open to different social groups and their activities. It is in this way that the house welcomes groups of all faiths :

• Group Meetings
• Workshop for Education
• Meetings for prayer groups and retreat
• Party at the graduate
• Wedding party

For this year 2013 we have in sequence to this day received :

• Full Gospel prayer group for 4 days
• The group Campus for Christ , for 5 days
• The group of young married for information about their children’s schooling
• prayer group CBCO / REHIBO , independent parish (district Mvuzi ) 1 day
• ” Mutual national sorority from Wombo , MUFREWO ” for the association’s birthday party  for one day .
• 30 young people from Kinshasa for a sports training ( football) with accommodation in the Youth House for a week 19 to 27 October 2013.

GCSL also holds its meetings in the Youth House , it is not clear in this report.

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  1. Jag vill bara uttrycka min beundran för ert arbete. Vägar öppnas och ni vågar slå in på dem. “Där du går skall din väg öppnas för er…”

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