To Nsanda and back

Julienne and Kerstin doing business

After breakfast, Augustin, Julienne Kukangisa and I took a trip to Nsanda, where the family Nyambodi have a house and agricultural land. Julienne wanted to retrieve some of the harvest that would go to Kinshasa on Monday, for sale. We went through Nsanda in October 2010 on the way to the Inga Falls.

Yngve stayed at home and went through the finances with Yapeco.

The outward journey went well even though the road is badly damaged by the rain. The village Nsanda is elongated and at the first part there was a market place, with several people from Matadi as customers.
Clement Nyambodi calls the house in Nsanda a summer cottage, and I was invited to see the inside. Ample space.
Inside, there was a visitor, an agronomist who wanted to talk about a field that a neighbour had been complaining about. The agronomist will be going up to the field and check it out another day.

We met a friendly man, Baku Jima, who drive cars and tractors at the Nyambodi farm. He carried the harvest, i.e. bags of beans, corn and sesame seeds from the storage room to the car.
When the car was loaded, Clement and Jima came with us in the car back to Matadi. They were going to a some kind of legal authority, concerning the complaining neighbor.

We approached Matadi and saw the magnificent view of the houses climbing up hills with the Congo River in the foreground. Suddenly the car stopped and no matter what trick Augustin tried, it didn’t start.
Augustin rang Yapeco who sent a good friend to the scene.
Yapeco’s generous friend, with his own family in his car, towed us the whole way to Lisanga. In the afternoon, Augustin took the diesel pump of the car and went to the garage. He got it repaired, and that wasn’t cheap. We stand for the fuel on this journey.

But we are thankful that nobody got hurt and that the stop occurred at this short trip, and not on a longer journey.

By now, the mistress has noticed how few dishes I eat and she is concerned. But I am satisfied and feel good eating rice and piri piri. And we always get bananas for dessert. Bananas are harvested year-round in Congo.

In the afternoon, we waited in vain for a contact with the president of Rotary. The power went out, and we sat in the twilight and talked. Yapeco and Augustin came by and told us that the car will be fixed by tomorrow morning. Therefore, we expect to be able to go to the Baobab church at nine o’clock.

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  1. Vilka resor du är med om! Förstår husmors bekymmer, men snart är det svensk husmanskost som gäller!

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