Today we arrived at Nsanda

Today we arrived to Nsanda with our well-repaired jeep that is also newly painted. There was no one who recognized the car when we arrived. Many admired the jeep when they saw it parked in front of our house, which has also become a parking for many cars. The Jeep was mostly a scrap heap that had been standing in front of the house for many years.

We have gone to Matadi in the evening for two days to participate in a lecture on my work as the first female pastor in the Church of Christ in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

After the lecture, we will return to Nsanda to peal peanuts and ensure that soya beans and cassava stems will come on time to us.

Unfortunately, our house is very dirty but we can not do anything about it, we can not afford to repair now.

How are you doing yourselves? Please write a line. Go to the contact page, there is my address.

Greetings from Julienne and Clement Nyambudi