The hotel boss and hotel owner MP Annicet Gomas

We have now made ourselves comfortable here at Comfort hotel. We have prepared the room where we will have the course with our trainers. Here, we will focus on training the trainers who will work with entrepreneurship in the villages. The hotel does not fully live up to it’s name but it is quite ok. We have air conditioned rooms. But so far, we’ve had no water to speak of in the taps. There is just a small jet of water, you can barely soak your hands. But this evening at 9 p.m., a plumber will come an put the hotel’s water supply in order. The hotel has it’s own well outside with its own water pump. I’m looking forward to a bit of coolness in the shower.

As the preparations for our arrival had been on the slow side, we gave our friends a little more time to sort out the missing parts. We have told them today that the course will start on Monday. Tomorrow is public holiday – All Saints Day – and no one has any great desire to go to school. Instead, we have planned is to direct our energy toward students from OSDO on Saturday. OSDO is a school with vocational training, and we will teach entrepreneurship to those who have completed their education. Myriam has already been there to teach on a couple of occations, and they are waiting for us to come.

My mobile broadband came to an end last night when I had sent the blog. The broadband has two limitations, the amount of information is limited to 2 GB and there is a time limit of 30 days. The 2 GB limit was apparently reached yesterday. The price of a subscription is 45 USD, quite expensive. The price apparently depends on the fact that the infrastructure is under construction and that there are not enough users who can share the cost. For a short while, we managed to start the wireless network of the hotel. There was a lot of tinkering before it worked, because it had been down for a while. It worked just fine for an hour and we had time to send a few e-mails. Then the network disappeared completely without a trace. Our computers could not detect the slightest signal anymore. I will buy another subscription of mobile broadband, that’s for sure.

To some extent, although not entirely, this day was wasted. We were supposed to have started the course for trainers by now. And we would have, if the proper preparations had been made. Instead we have gone through the material once more, and rehearsed the lessons of next week. Besides that, we have also relaxed a bit.

Our evening meal consisted of mango juice, tea and freshly baked and hot Mikati that we dipped in raw honey, that is honey straight from the hive without any processing. It was truly an enjoyable evening snack.

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  1. Ser att ni har många strapatser att gå igenom. Ber för er, att ni inte ska behöva muta er fram längre, utan att Gud ska välsigna er på alla sätt den tid som är kvar. Jag vet ju inte hur det fungerar, men ni kanske frågar om de har en tro på Gud och vet vad Han säger om mutor? 🙂
    En undran när det gäller att säkra utlåningen: Kan man inte försöka skapa grupper på tillsammans tre eller fyra entreprenörer som går i god för varandras återbetalningsplan? Då kanske man kan få grupper av entreprenörer som har intresse av att hjälpa varandra när det strular till sig? De blir inte så utlämnade till att tänka ut lösningar själva. Man kan ju försöka se till att det finns en eller två av dessa entreprenörer som är speciellt bra på att hitta lösningar. Det kan ni ju se att dessa entreprenörer finns redan nu, men de kan ju på det sättet hjälpa andra med sina lösningar.
    Följer er och ber för er.
    Hjärtliga hälsningar

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