When the saints go marching in

Trainer Edmond Raoul Dieu Béni

Herbert, our troubadour sang for us today too, and when he started with “When the saints go marching in” Bernt joined him in a duet that was well appreciated by our friends. The piece created a good mood in the room. We’ve been working pretty hard every day from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. with only a couple of short breaks. Then it’s nice to relax together and sing for a while. Having fun also enhances the learning environment, the brain remembers more when you are having a good time.

Today, the whole group was present; fourteen aspiring trainers of entrepreneurs. And we have had an efficient day in contrast to yesterday which was a little sluggish. But today there were no obstacles. We continued on the production cost estimate of yesterday and we went through the design of market surveys. Then we did a marketing budget that was followed by a budget of financial results. Unfortunately, our prospective agrobusiness got negative results of 2,861,000 CFA corresponding to 40500: – SEK. The obvious homework for the group became to slim down on the fixed costs, in order to get positive results. With lesser costs for cars and a smaller salary to the CEO, it would be possible to turn minus into plus. We’ll see tomorrow how they solved the slimming.

For homework, they will also do a similar audit and the financial planning on a business that they would like to start or others to work with. They have had homework every day. No one should have to be idle. Today, everyone has also been photographed. Everything should be documented, both the knowledge they hopefully have embraced, and its potential reflection on the outside.

Unanimously, we decided to continue tomorrow, Saturday between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. We have worked through most of the material and tomorrow will be a day of repetition and exercises on the various parts. Initially, there would have been a diploma ceremony tomorrow. The ceremony is postponed until Tuesday morning when we will combine it with a press conference at the premises of the newspaper La semaine Africaine.

2 thoughts on “When the saints go marching in

  1. Va kul att ni har det roligt! Det är mina övervägande erfarenheter från kongoåren…jag har nog inte skrattat så hjärtligt som i Kongo. De är mästare att foga in humorn mitt i allvaret och gärna driva med “dumheter”. Nu önskar vi er att de återstående få dagarna skall ge er bara POSITIVA minnen från vistelsen i Brazzaville. MEN, jag är så spänd på att få höra om ni varit och hälsat EEC-kyrkans ledning + Maria Lorentzon? HOPPAS DET!
    I-M Bengt hälsar

  2. intressant läsning! Jag kände igen mig i mycket. Med vänlig hälsning, John Frilund (Kungälv)

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