Yapeco is building hotel

Drawing for the hotel floor

Drawing on the hotel floor

Yapeco will now continue to build on his hotel in Matadi. His goal is to have it completed in October next year. It is beautifully situated overlooking the River Congo. It will have eight guest rooms and rooms for conferences.

One thought on “Yapeco is building hotel

  1. Dear Yngve,

    I am Pascaline, the congolese lady from Moroccco. We once met in Lisanga while we shared the “Inga Nora” apartment.
    I love reading your reports and I can say that I follow with admiration your activities in Congo. Last July, I, myself got flooded in the “President flat” in Lisanga.
    Since you packed your container, I was wondering where were-you. Glad to hear from you.
    Have a nice trip to Congo and specially in Matadi.

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